Press, bottle, deliver… it’s that simple

Each and every juice is pressed to order, so you know it’s fresh (and nothing is ever wasted!) Once you’ve placed your order, we press the juice, bottle it by hand and deliver direct to you via refrigerated transport.

prodjuice by the glass

Prodjuice by the glass is by far the most cost effective, convenient & high quality way to serve fresh cold pressed juice to your customer. How does it work? We supply you with a start up pack of our branded glassware & a set of service guidelines (this keeps the service of Prodjuice high quality across all our venues so customers always have a high end experience). You then order fresh juice in 2L bulk bottles to “pour by the glass”, garnish & serve. Simple.


Our fresh cold pressed juice is available in 3 beautiful flavours;


-Watermelon raspberry & lime

-100% Orange

-Kale spinach celery cucumber apple parsley



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