How long do your juices last?

4 days

Why is the shelf life so short?

We are committed to providing you with the most nutritious product possible, for this reason we will never heat treat, pasteurise or add preservatives to your juice. Fresh is always best.

Must they be kept refrigerated?

Yes. They are a perishable product so they need to stay cool.

Are your juices pressed to order?

Yes, absolutely! Every last juice is pressed to order to keep your products as fresh as possible and to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Are your ingredients certified organic?

We use certified organic ingredients at absolutely every available opportunity. If an ingredient goes out of season we will shift to the next best supplier – usually “chemical free”.

How do I know if one of your juices is 100% organic?

Check the top of your lid for our “100% organic” sticker! Most of the time this is present, if it is missing, it means one of those ingredients is out of season & we have shifted to a non certified supplier temporarily.

Can I return my bottles to you?

We’d love you to! If you are nearby feel free to drop them in at our office, to any of our market stalls or stockists. Any bottles returned are then washed, sterilised & put back into circulation.


Why do I need to cleanse?

A cleanse offers many benefits. Firstly it’s a great way to reset your body & your habits if you need to knock your eating back into line. Secondly they are packed full of plant based nutrition to give your body a huge boost in nutrients which helps with all aspects of your wellness. Cleansing is ideal for clearing the gut, and supporting natural liver detox eliminating toxic build up which can cause disease. A cleanse can also boost immunity, clear skin, increase energy & reset digestion.

How often can I do a cleanse:

We recommend cleansing no more than every three months. Your body has natural detoxification processes, our cleanses are designed to gently support that natural function.

How do I know what order to consume my cleanse in?

The evening prior to delivery we will email you a full guide to your cleanse which gives you lots of info, plus the order of consumption.

Will I lose weight during a cleanse?

Although this is not our primary goal for you, it is likely that you may lose some weight by the end of your cleanse. This may or may not be maintained depending on your individual lifestyle post cleanse.

Will I experience any side effects?

More than likely you will, your body will be working hard to remove toxins from your system as well as coming to terms with a lack of caffeine, sugar, alcohol etc. Side effects may include (but are not limited to) headaches, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, muscle aches, lack of energy, skin breakouts, strange taste in your mouth. In most cases these symptoms have cleared up by the end of day 3 and you begin to feel wonderful

Can I exercise while on a cleanse?

Light exercise is recommended to encourage movement of your lymphatic system (which is responsible to removing toxins). Light walking, stretches & yoga are perfect. Heavy exercise & training are not recommended during your cleanse.

What extra things can I do to aid the cleansing process?

Stretching, dry body brushing, self massage with oil, hot baths with epsom salts, sauna, oil pulling, tongue scraping & sipping herbals teas (look for detox, anti-inflammatory or digestive blends) are all fantastic ways to support the process.

I’m allergic to an ingredient in your cleanse, am I able to swap it for something else?

Email us before you order and we will do our best to offer you an alternative.

I’m pregnant, can I still do a cleanse?

Our cleanses are not suitable for pregnant women.

I’m breastfeeding, can I do a cleanse?

Our cleanses are not suitable for breastfeeding women.

I have a health concern, should I consult my doctor before beginning a cleanse?

Absolutely. If you are unsure about anything, please speak to your healthcare practitioner before initiating any cleanse.

Juice Subscritpions

How does the subscription process work?

Simply purchase the subscription of your choice (6 , 9 or 12 juices weekly) from our online store & choose which flavours you would like to include.

How will I be charged?

Paypal will automatically charge your nominated payment method weekly for the lifetime of your subscription.

How does delivery work?

We will automatically deliver your subscription order each week. Once we receive your initial order we will send you an email to confirm the best delivery day for you.

I’d like to change the flavours in my subscription, is this possible?

Yes, no problem. Just email us at least 72 hours prior to your next delivery with your new flavour preferences.

I’d like to add some extra items to my subscription delivery this week, is this possible?

Yes certainly. Simply order the extra items you would like through our online store, making sure you are order using the same name & address. At checkout select LOCAL PICK UP to avoid being charged the delivery fee an extra time.  Once your order has been received we will email you confirm details.

I am going on holidays, can I put my subscription on hold?

Yes absolutely, just email us at least 72 hours prior to delivery and let us know how many deliveries you would like to place on hold.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply login to your account here and head to the subscriptions tab. Select the subscription you wish to end and click cancel.


Do you deliver to home & offices?

Yes! We deliver Sydney wide twice weekly. If you have a physical address we can deliver to you.

What time do you deliver?

As we never know exactly where we’ll be delivering to (and how many places!) until the evening prior so it’s very hard for us to give you an exact time. The delivery van leaves us before the break of day to endeavour to get all orders to you as early as possible.

Will my cleanse be delivered all at once?

1 & 3 day cleanses will be delivered all in a single delivery. A 5 day cleanse will arrive over two deliveries, 3 days then 2 days.

I’m starting a cleanse, can I start the day of delivery or should I wait until the following day?

Depending on your location, and how long you are willing to wait, we may be able to get to you early enough to begin the same day. If you are one of our further afield customers, it may be a safer bet to plan to begin your cleanse the following day. Ask us if you’re unsure & we can help you work out which is the best option.

I won’t be home, can you leave my delivery unattended?

Yes, with your permission we can. Let us know when you order that it’s safe for us to leave & where you would like it left. Please note; it’s a great idea to leave us an esky if you will be out for a while. Especially in hot weather the juices etc should not be left out of the fridge too long.

Do you deliver in insulated packaging?

In a bid to keep our waste & packaging as minimal as possible we deliver in non – insulated cardboard packaging only.

Who delivers my juice?

If you are located on The Northern Beaches you will be lucky enough to have one of our team drop off to you. If you are anywhere else in Sydney, delivery will arrive via an independant refrigerated courier service.

I live outside of Sydney, can I still order?

Generally, we don’t send deliveries outside of Sydney. Refrigerated couriers are extremely expensive which sadly prevents it from being viable for you or us.

Can I organise to pick up from your head office?

Yes absolutely, just select the pick up option at checkout.

Can I drop by your office to purchase without placing an order?

Yes, but stock is limited. We usually keep all tonics, shots, soups, broths & pantry items available. Juices are usually pressed to order so it’s recommended you pre order these. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to check what we have available.


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we supply wholesale accounts Sydney wide.

We are outside of Sydney, can we still become a wholesale customer?

At this stage we are unable to deliver outside of Sydney. If you have the means to pick up from us, you are more than welcome to.

How can I apply for a wholesale account?  

Contact us for more wholesale info and a credit application form.

Which products are available for wholesale?

Our 300ml juices & tonics. We don’t offer our soups, broths for wholesale just yet – please email us with an expression of interest if you’re interest in broths or soups, as we will be releasing a new range for wholesale in Winter 2017. 

Do you wholesale juice in bulk quantities?

Yes we do. We can supply juice in bulk from anywhere as little as 10L up to 1000’s of Litres. Send us an email with your enquiry and we can work out exactly what suits you.



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