Waste-free wrapping

Rubbish volumes in Australia rise by 30% during the festive season. Avoid the mountain of wrapping rubble at the end of Christmas day (or any gift-worthy celebration) by ditching unnecessary packaging and wrapping and you’ll be doing a little bit more for our planet. For gifts that you receive wrapped in paper, open carefully and the paper can be re-used…and hang on to gift bags. And for gifts that you give…consider how they are packaged and check out these waste-free wrapping ideas…



The Japanese art of Furoshiki is a beautiful way of wrapping gifts in fabric. It doesn’t involve sewing and the fabrics can be reused – think Origami for gifts! Check out this tutorial.



For the craftier types, sewing your own gift bags can add a personal touch to your gift-giving – and they can be reused which is even better. Fabric bags can be made simply using leftover fabrics/old clothes/pillowcases etc.



Tea towels can make great wrapping for a bottle of wine, olive oil, candles or other items. Flower pots or vases can also be used to enclose a gift inside. Recycled glass jars also work well for edible gifts, as well as for small soaps and candles. Even a simple canvas tote bag can be used as wrapping and then it’s an instant beach/groceries bag to use afterwards.


Why buy wrapping paper when you can re-use all sorts of paper available in every day life? Old maps, newspapers + magazines and even wallpaper can be re-purposed for wrapping gifts.


A quick walk in nature or even a forage in your back yard can provide all sorts of decorations for your wrapping.

All images via Pinterest.

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