The many benefits of cleansing in winter

Winter…when somehow it seems way more acceptable to skip that early morning yoga class to stay snuggled up in bed…or to indulge in some extra chunks of chocolate. And then before you know it, a small shift in habits can get out of hand leaving you feeling sluggish, bloated and generally a bit meh.

Cooler temperatures often make us feel more hungry – it’s actually a fact that as mammals we need more energy to stay warm in the cold. Eating more creates a constant state of digestion which can fatigue the rest of our bodies and leave them more susceptible to illness, as well as often feeling stressed and lacklustre in the winter months. It’s actually the time when we need a bit of extra help to aid digestion, through eating healing foods.

Winter can be a more challenging time to cleanse if you think of days of juices only. Here at Prodjuice, we want your seasonal cleanse to be just that – to work with your body at this specific time of the year. We’ve put together a winter cleanse where instead of feeling deprived, you’ll feel nourished and satisfied…still with the full health benefits of a traditional cleanse.

Did you know that our winter cleanse only includes one juice, and has been curated carefully to include broths, tonics, shots and some sweeter treats to aid your winter reset goals.

How can a Prodjuice WINTER CLEANSE help?

Boost Immunity

Our immune systems can take a bit of a bruising come winter time, and at the core of this is our gut health. By introducing living enzymes and antioxidants from nature, we are guarding against illness and disease. Garlic is an incredible natural shield for your body’s defences; the Immune Shot as part of the winter cleanse contains ginger, garlic, honey, lemon, oil of oregano and will fend off colds and flu.

Aid Digestion

Overindulging (a common winter habit) and consuming too much sugar or caffeine can leave us feeling bloated and sluggish. By cleansing and introducing kind-to-the-gut liquid based foods, we are giving our digestive system a rest and allowing it to recharge its fire so that we can then gain the maximum goodness from foods we eat. Nurturing broths are a warming way to soothe the gut in the cooler months such as our Spicy chicken broth OR Reishi mushroom broth (vegan) – interchangeable as part of the winter cleanse.

Banish the Winter Blues

Less sunlight and cooler weather can often bring about a lower mood for many people. Again, gut-health has a strong link to mind-health and by healing the digestion, fogginess in the mind can be replaced by clarity and focus. Cleansing helps to bring about a renewed energy and clearer thinking to kickstart new goals for both the body and mind. The winter cleanse Vedic Mung Dahl & Kale Soup, designed to be eaten at lunchtime helps fuel you through your detox day/s and banish any hunger pangs.

Better Sleep

We naturally crave more sleep in winter and this is a good thing! Winter is the time to give the body a bit of an extra rest and to foster deep, quality sleep. Winding down properly before bed can be the key to better sleep quality. Our Golden Ashwagandha Almond Milk (as part of the Winter Cleanse) is a beautiful pre-bedtime blend, which actively encourages a restorative rest thanks to the Ayurvedic adaptogen Ashwagandha.

Gently Clear the Body

Cleansing allows a gently clearing of the body to happen. Toxins, tiredness and tension are kindly eliminated and, post-cleanse you should notice that you have a brighter complexion, whiter eyes, improved digestion, boosted energy and a clearer mind.

Our winter cleanse is much more than a normal juice cleanse, find out more about our 1, 3 & 5 day options here.

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