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The magic of mushrooms + why we should be eating more in winter

Sunshine in a ‘shroom…

Just like us, mushrooms produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, they are in fact the only fruit and vegetable source of this critical vitamin. During the winter months when we tend to feel like being inside more, it’s extra important that we keep this disease fighting, mood boosting vitamin topped up.

As well as vitamin D, mushrooms come brimming with B vitamins, fibre, protein, potent antioxidants & selenium which is important for bladder health.


So, which variety to choose? Here are a few ideas…


White button – these popular mushrooms are full of good-for-the-gut digestive enzymes as well as a host of B vitamins.

Shiitake – as well as having a delicious smoky flavour, this variety are packed with iron and heart-helping nutrients.

Reishi – are renowned for supporting the immune system and have cancer-fighting properties.

Oyster – whether eaten raw or cooked, oyster mushrooms have antioxidant properties that help protect cells.

Enoki – known as ‘snow puffs’ in Japan, these mushrooms are a great source of protein.

Portabello – these large mushrooms are entirely fat free and full of minerals niacin, copper and selenium. Delicious stuffed or as a meat-free alternative to burgers and steaks.


Mushroom tips:



– Try your local farmers market for the freshest, most diverse array of in-season mushrooms, without the excess packaging.

– Opt for loose mushrooms in the supermarket as these are not wrapped in plastic.

– Try foraging! Find an expert and go and pick your own, fresh mushrooms from the forest floor.



– Mushrooms make delicious additions to soups, stews and salads.

– They also make a nutrient dense, hearty broth…a fantastic (vegan) alternative to bone broth…find out more here.

– Nobody likes a soggy mushroom so if you are eating them raw, it’s best to rinse them and then dry thoroughly, with a clean cloth.

– When cooking mushrooms, don’t over-crowd the pan as they are highly porous and need space for their excess water to evaporate.


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