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This year’s plastic-free July message is ‘choose to refuse single-use plastic’. It’s a month that encourages us all to raise our consciousness about our plastic consumption and ways in which we can make better choices when it comes to disposable packaging. Most people think about how they can cut down on plastic use at home, but what about running a business when it comes to single-use plastics and sustainability?
From the beginnings of Prodjuice our ‘good for you, good for our earth’ ethos has strongly guided our business decisions. We’re by no means perfect (as much as we’d love to be) and this is always going to be a work in progress, however where we can reuse/recycle/refill we absolutely do. The sustainable option is not always the quickest, easiest or most cost effective one but we believe that business offers an extra opportunity to make choices that help to protect our natural world as well as a wider platform to share this message with our community, here’s some of the ways we do this:
– We choose glass bottles as glass is an infinitely reusable material which is also much better for your health. We encourage the reuse of our bottles or customers can also return them to us. We’ll wash and sterilise them then pop them back into circulation. At present around 60% of our bottles are returned to us for reuse, and we’re working to make that percentage even higher!
– Our cleanse packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. We searched high and low for an insulating packaging solution that will keep our cleanse items nicely protected as well as cool and we found Woolcool. Woolcool have pioneered the use of wool as a natural ‘smart fibre’ for the design and manufacture of high performance, environmentally responsible insulated packaging, as a superior alternative to conventional materials. We actively encourage the reuse of our cleanse packaging by offering a 10% discount if it’s returned to us. Alternatively it can easily be recycled or composted.
-You will never catch us offering you a plastic straw. We offer sustainable glass straws (which are hygienic and easier to clean than stainless) and for our events, markets in functions we’ll also provide paper ones. We ensure that our stockists only serve up our juice with recyclable or reusable straws.
-Our wholesale customers receive all their juices in milk crates. Once the juices bottles are empty they pack them back into the crates and return the lot to us for reuse. So we use no excess packaging at all for wholesale!
10am is an important time at our kitchen, it’s when the coffee van arrives and well earned caffeine hit is needed. There’s no shortage of reusable-coffee cups available at our HQ  for any staff member to use.
We always return the crates that our organic apples are delivered in for reuse, and once emptied, we flatten and return boxes to our citrus supplier too.
We donate the majority of our fruit & veg pulp to community gardens & farms.  The pulp is then turned into the most incredible compost, which then supports the growth of new veggies for our community to enjoy. We love working with initiatives such as Compost Central in Byron.

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