A cleansing Summer salad // Canapés

This light, cleansing salad brings together a number of whole food components from previous journal recipes. You can also choose to use the components to make beautiful little canapés instead – perfect for entertaining. Nutritionally balanced, packed with healing nutrients and not to mention a visual feast…this recipe has all the ingredients to become a summer favourite.

You will need:

Serves 4 as a light main or 6 as a starter. Serves at least 6 as a canapé

Broth jelly, cut into cubes

1 cup drained pickled radish sliced into batons

3 cups sprouts

1 cup of baby rocket (omit if you are making canapés)

1 cup almonds, roasted and cooled

1.5 cups edamame or broad beans podded & soaked in boiling water for 5mins

1 large avocado, cut into slivers or cubes

Seeded crackers

1 punnet of fresh edible flowers

1 punnet of fresh micro or baby herbs

1 bunch chives, cut into batons

Very best quality white wine vinegar (eg Forvm Chardonnay)

Pink salt

Fresh ground pepper

How to make:


Once all of your ingredients are prepared, arrange them carefully (and artfully!) on a platter, or individual plates and drizzle lightly with the vinegar, season with the salt and pepper and serve with the crackers.


For the canapés: take individual crackers and layer the ingredients, finishing with jelly and a pinch of pink salt and pepper. Tip: Toss the edamame in a little of the vinegar just before constructing the crackers.

Recipe + images by Samantha Mackie

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