53 Guide to a greener future

A step by step guide to a greener future | part three

In this Guide To A Greener Future series, we’ve been giving you some insider tips and outlining some small steps that make achieving an environmentally friendly abode seem like an easy feat!

In our first post, we covered ways in which you could reduce your household waste, while our second post looked at how you could improve your shopping habits to ensure what you’re buying isn’t just good for you, but for the environment too!

Think you’ve got the first two parts down pat? Read on for more tips and tricks for creating a greener home. 

1. Clean with natural products 

A simple 3 ingredient recipe with things you likely already have at home ought to do the trick. You can check out ours here and if you’re feeling guilty about that spray and wipe you bought recently, never fear, once you’ve finished the contents of the bottle, give it a wash and fill it up with your all natural cleaner. Reuse and recycle. Double tick.

2. Start taking care of your skin

Any skincare products that list ‘polyethylene’ means they contain tiny plastic beads. These beads end up in our oceans and damage our precious wildlife as they’re so small they can easily be mistaken for food and will subsequently never be digested. Look for natural skincare products or, why not make your own?

3. Be mindful of your water consumption

Switching from hot water washing to cold will minimise your home’s Co2 emissions, not to mention savings on your energy bill!
Showering with a bucket and using the run off to water the gardens with is a great water-saving method and, ensuring the dishwasher is completely full before switching it on will mean less cycles and ultimately less water wastage.

4. Conserve energy 

Switch lights off when you’re not in the room, unplug unused electronics, open a window for a cool breeze and minimise your use of heating & cooling systems. If you have a clothes dryer, reserve this for absolute necessities (i.e. when raining) and hang your clothes out to dry when you can. Turn off appliances when you’re not using them and try to maximise daylight as much as you can.

Image source: The Future Kept

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