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How to sprout beans and seeds for a super Summer salad or snack

We all know nuts, seeds and beans are good for us, but how about making them even better? Sprouts add a delicious crunchy texture to salads as well as providing the following health benefits:

NUTRIENT PACKED – sprouting actually increases the level of minerals and vitamins available from the beans/seeds/legumes.

AID DIGESTION – thanks to the high content of living enzymes in sprouts, they assist with the breakdown of foods and the absorption of nutrients via the gut.

BOOSTS CIRCULATION – sprouts help bolster our red blood cell count by supplying iron and copper.

AID WEIGHT LOSS – high in nutrients and fibre, sprouts help us feel fuller for longer…and their calorie content is negligible.

BOOST IMMUNITY –  sprouts have a high vitamin C  content which helps ward off infections and disease.

SUPER SIGHT  –  thanks to a high vitamin A content too, sprouts are great for vision + eye sight.

HEART FRIENDLY – Sprouts have omega-3 fatty acids which help in boosting good cholesterol and are also anti-inflammatory.

What exactly is sprouting?

Sprouting is basically a process where seeds and legumes are germinated and then eventually eaten raw (the best bit!). When seeds are soaked in water for a certain period of time, they germinate, causing their outer layers to tear open and allowing a young shoot to blossom.

Making sprouts at home is really simple and will save you money…our method is also plastic free!

You will need…

Try to use local organic seeds that have not been radiated (generally done to imported beans and seeds). Some suppliers will note that their beans/seeds are suitable for sprouting but most often not so don’t let that stop you having a go. Different seeds take different times to sprout but generally by day 4 you will have enough sprouts to make an impressive salad. They are best eaten very fresh so always keep a jar on the go.

Per seed type:

1 jar per seed type

Muslin to cover top

Rubber band

We used:

Soy beans,

Sunflower seeds

Mung Beans

How to sprout…


Drop a handful seeds into a large clean jar. Cover with water and soak overnight.

Pour off this water and rinse well with fresh water in a colander and return to the jar.

Cover with water once again and secure muslin over the top with the rubber band then invert to drain. Shake the seeds to even them out along one side of the jar as evenly as possible and place on the windowsill. We inverted our jars on an angle in a colander sitting on a deep tray to catch all the drips.

Repeat this step (rinse and drain) every morning and every evening until the seeds have sprouted.

Best eaten straight away – sprinkle through salads or snack on during your day.

Recipe + images by Samantha Mackie

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