Set up your fridge and rule the lunch table for the week ahead!

If you tend start you week with good intentions to make healthy lunches but then your plan deteriorates by…oh…say Tuesday, then this fridge /pantry strategy could be the answer. Follow this guide to nutrient loaded, quick lunches – cook once, shop once and eat well all week regardless of how busy your week gets.

Make sure you have several good quality (glass where possible) storage containers and some lunch boxes that stack safely and efficiently in your fridge to keep food fresh. Pick 1 or more from each list and spend one night or afternoon cooking so you can build a meal that is tasty and nutrient full – and if you are tiring of salads most can be quick panned fried or buzzed in the microwave if that’s your option. This guide will act as your everlasting inspiration and shopping list! This list will also ensure the fridge is packed in case you need also fast dinner solutions … faster than you can pick up the phone for take aways.

Sample Week:


Lunch One: Salmon Salad

Flaked Salmon fillet with sliced fennel / steamed asparagus/ dill sauerkraut/ green lentils / walnuts / radish, sliced / Goats cheese or tahini

Lunch Two: Mexican Quinoa Salad

Tempeh / finely chopped capsicum / freshly shucked cob of corn / black beans / chopped avocado / finely chopped red onion / quinoa / lime juice / chilli / paprika / coriander /mint

Lunch Three: Boiled Egg

Boiled eggs/ very finely sliced cabbage / soba noodles / miso dressing / shallots

Lunch Four: Chicken & Olive Salad

Roasted chicken thighs sprinkled with cumin and paprika/ roasted sweet potato / finely sliced kale /olives / chickpeas /olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey dressing

Lunch Five: San Choy Bow Bowl

Organic grass fed beef mince (or tempeh) sautéed with onion, garlic, ginger, chinese five spice, chilli, tamari / cashews / fresh mint and coriander / shallots/ watercress, broccoli or cabbage/ rice noodles / loads of lime juice/ sriracha if you want heat overload


– Make enough for 2-3 lunches. Whilst eating the same lunch for fews days might seem a little boring the but the lighter shopping/cooking load makes up for this! Use different things from the Tasy treats and dressing column.

-Cook quinoa in bone broth for added nutrition & flavour.

-Pick the water cress and store in a container of water in the fridge. It will last for 5 days easy!

– Bake chicken thighs all together on a tray in 180 degree oven loaded with herbs and spices rather than messy pan frying.

-Steam your tempeh before grilling if the bitterness is not appealing.

– Buy potted fresh herbs and look after them with a little water every few days.

– Clean your fridge out every week. Use the leftovers to make chutneys or find some chooks, worms or compost that needs feeding.

Images + recipe by Samantha Mackie.

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