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Ayurveda translates to “the knowledge of life” and as a system of healing, it promotes practices that enhance one’s health and wellbeing on a holistic scale, both internally and externally. It illustrates the incredible intelligence of the body and unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda offers diverse therapeutic strategies unique to the individual to achieve positive change.

The notion that our health and wellbeing depends on a fully functioning digestive system has been an important factor in Ayurveda for centuries. The term to describe this metabolic process is agni, which is vital for maintaining healthy tissue, eliminating waste and achieving ojas – meaning strength. Agni is therefore referred to as a ‘sign of life’ which if not regularly serviced, can result in illness and disease.

In order for one to ’stoke’ this digestive fire (agni), Ayurveda suggests cleansing. Cleansing helps to reset the system so that it may eliminate the build up of toxins responsible for negatively affecting the functionality of the digestive tract. An Ayurvedic cleanse is often a simplified diet, consisting of foods that are easy to digest which allows the body sufficient rest for it to recover the internal defence mechanisms.

Kitchari, a staple comfort food of India meaning ‘mixture’ is known for its ability to gently detox the body and balance the three doshas. Made up of mainly rice and mung beans, seasonal spices and vegetables are often included for added flavour and fiber. Of all the traditional Indian meals, Kitchari is considered beneficial in promoting health and facilitating spiritual growth as the combination of these two main ingredients provide ample nutrients while encouraging the elimination of metabolic waste.

In order for a dish to be labelled Kitchari, the rice has to be cooked with a legume. Mung dahl beans are the only legumes that won’t produce intestinal gas and when consumed with rice makes the dish a ‘complete protein’. This means the dual food combination contains an adequate proportion of all nine essential amino acids necessary for human dietary needs. Complete proteins also help with the maintenance of stable blood sugar levels, making them favourable inclusions to a cleansing regime.

Our Winter Cleanse has been curated with this Vedic ritual in mind. Our Mung Dahl & Kale Soup is based on traditional Kitchari. A nourishing bowl of goodness, the soup alone is the perfect winter warmer. Combined with organic juices, broths and tonics – even a golden turmeric almond milk and delicious chia pafait for breakfast, the Winter Cleanse in all of its glory provides incredible support for the immune system while healing the gut. Nutritiously restorative, the Winter Cleanse guides you back to good health. Order yours online now.

You can also order your Vedic Mung Dahl & Kale Soup individually in 500ml or 1L jars here.

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