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When we think of the no.1 single-use plastic bag culprits, an ugly, thin grey supermarket version springs to mind. Nothing is more ugly than the fact that these bags along with a host of all other plastic bags (think bread bags, sandwich bags + produce bags) are ending up in our oceans and killing our marine life.

In the wake of the positive news that major Australian supermarket chains will be banning the single-use plastic bag along with many other retailers and hey, even some entire suburbs jumping on the ban-the-plastic-bag bandwagon, we have compiled our hit list of plastic bag alternatives for any eventuality. The key to going plastic-free when it comes to bags is to be prepared. Keep reusable bags in your car, in your handbag, at work and around the kitchen and you’ll always have a plastic-free alternative to hand.


FOR THE MARKETS : Czech Netbag

Handmade from 100% cotton, these super strong bags are both flexible and strong for carrying your farmers market-haul! When not in use these bags take up a fraction of space and are great for the beach and gym too. Available in a range of sizes and colours from Czech Netbag.

Image source: Czech Netbag



Avoid single-use plastic bags when it comes to shopping for groceries…and keep your food fresher for longer too with these Swag produce bags. These 100% natural bags feature a 3 layer design which allow fruits and veggies to breath and stay hydrated so that they keep for longer.

Swag Produce Bag

Image source: The Swag


FOR FOOD STORAGE – Beeswax Wraps

Get rid of the Glad Wrap and say hello to beeswax fabric food wraps – perfect for keeping leftovers covered in the fridge or for wrapping food to take out and about. You can choose your own fabric and make your own, it’s super easy. If DIY ain’t your ‘bag’, check out these locally made wraps Bee Green + Honey Bee

Image source: Bee Green



These cute origami-esque Japanese lunch bags are so handy for carrying lunches and snacks and nice and compact when not in use. If you’re a crafty-kind then make your own from your favourite fabric. Or, find them ready made on Etsy.

Image source: Pinterest


FOR CLOTHING – Canvas totes

Coastal clothing brand Assembly Label, provide canvas totes instead of one-use bags with all clothing purchases. These stylish, staple bags (and other canvas totes) have a multitude of uses thanks to their versatile size and can be used over and over and over again.

Image source: Assembly Label



Fairtrade + and handwoven in Bangladesh, this nicely neutral Jute shopper from Table Tonic is just the ticket for upcoming beach days. Jute is durable, designed to last…and 100% biodegradable too.

Image source: Table Tonic

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