The must-have eco essential survival kit

Make playing fair with the environment an easy feat when life’s spontaneous situations turn the conscious decision to go low-impact a little harder than it should be.

Impromptu take-away coffees, a last minute grocery shop or the Friday night drinks can lead you astray when you’re not fully equipped. But don’t worry, all it takes is having a simple eco kit on hand to make all the difference.

So, to save you the hassle of wondering what to put in your pack, we’ve listed our eco friendly must haves for those unplanned, waste inducing emergencies! Keeping the following set of green goodies in the back of your car will save you, and the environment every time!

Glass straw

Glass straw set

Last minute cocktails? Post work aperitifs? We know how hard it can be sipping on a mojito without a straw, but now you can put a hold on the plastic and embrace the BYO! Our glass drinking straw set comes with its very own organic calico bag + scrubbing brush and is just the right size to throw into your bag, purse or pocket, so you can avoid adding to the billions of used straws that are clogging up our landfill and floating in our oceans.

Drink bottle

Eco stainless steel drink bottle
Got a long drive ahead? Won’t be near a kitchen or tea-room for a while? Save yourself the cash and minimise plastic pollution by always keeping a drink bottle on hand. It sounds simple enough, but we truly feel that a drink bottle needs to be designed with convenience in mind to ensure you will take it with you, wherever you go.
We’re loving this stainless steel drink bottle from The Source Bulk Foods. It’s the perfect companion for keeping your liquid cool and is made for easy transportation with its sturdy carry handle.

Coffee cup

Frank Green Eco coffee mug
For those impromptu coffee catch-ups with the boss. A reusable coffee cup is not only good for the environment, but good for your pocket too as more and more cafes are taking to offer rewards for those who BYO. There’s plenty of options available in stores and online, but we’re a fan of these personalised Frank Green smart cups – for their look, feel and functionality.

Food container

Thermos food container
It might be taking you back to your school days, but having a good quality food container to store your lunch in is important for minimising waste. Keeping one in your bag or car also means if you’re out and about and want to take home any left overs from lunch, you can do so without the guilt. Our pick is this vacuum insulated food storage container by Thermos with three seperate containers that stack on top of each other to keep your food fresh throughout the day.

Carry Bag

Join the ‘ban the bag’ bandwagon and make it a stylish affair with a basket or woven tote for picking up your last minute grocery items. We’re loving the Hope and May collection of natural bags that are helping to make plastic free a fashion statement.

Cutlery set

Eco bamboo cutlery set

For when you’re eating out, plastic knives and forks should and can be easily avoided. 
This bamboo utensil set from Biome has everything you need with a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks. It even comes with a pouch made from recycled material that has a carbine for attaching to your bag or clothing, so you can never forget it!

Image Source: Conscious By Chloe 

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