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a state of flux | how to navigate the change of season

Wayward weather. You know the kind; where one day you’re optimistically stepping into your swimmers and the next, you’ve reverted to hibernating under a blanket. We’re talking about the shift of the seasons, those in-between few weeks when there’s a change in the air…

Just like in nature, any seasonal flux can more easily disturb our energy, specifically our digestive energy which can lead to low immunity. These are the times when we can get sick more easily, experience headaches, allergies or tiredness: all of which we want to avoid by helping our body to assimilate naturally to the new season.

Here are our tips for navigating seasonal transitions:


Maintain a grateful gut

Gut health is pivotal for the health of so many other systems in the body including the immune and nervous systems. During a change in season our guts can get a bit out of whack.  We can combat this by consuming gut lovin’ fermented foods such as Sauerkraut and Kimchi. Thanks to their high collagen content, bone broths are also incredibly healing for the digestive system and help to reduce inflammation. Find out more about our classic, organic bone broth here.

Eat seasonally

Find out what foods naturally + locally grow at this time of the year and eat more of them. Here in Sydney, we’re moving into Spring so that means MORE GREENS! As more chlorophyll-infused leafs are sprouting in the natural world…we should be eating them too. Add extra leafy greens to you plate as well as raw or lightly steamed veggies. Sprouts are also fantastic for Spring eating.

Don’t be dormant

Even if you feel sluggish, it’s important to keep energy flowing during this time and to absorb some daylight – we recommend a walk in nature or take your yoga mat outdoors.

Fight infections naturally

Include more spices in your diet such as ginger, garlic and turmeric to fight infections and reduce inflammation. Use medicinal herbs to fight colds + flu, such as oregano, thyme and rosemary. Wondering how to up your intake of these potent healing foods? Our highly concentrated immunity, tumeric + digestive shots are STRONG in taste and STRONG in their immunity bolstering abilities. Find out more here.

Set new intentions

Any adjustment of energy is an opportunity to change habits. This could be starting a new project, letting go of something negative or setting new goals + ambitions.  This is a great time to cleanse the body as it helps remove the buildup of toxins from one season to the next. Learn more about our cleanse programs here.

What would you like shift this season?


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