Create a zero-waste, plastic-free cleaning kit

Everything you need for cleaning, and nothing you don’t…

If one of your aims this year is to reduce plastic consumption in your home, or even go plastic free then cleaning can seem like a bit of a challenge….think micro-bead filled cleaners, plastic sponges, plastic bin liners (and all of these bottled/wrapped in plastic too). It can seem like there’s no escaping plastic when it comes to keeping your home spotless….but really it’s quite simple to put together a plastic-free cleaning kit that doesn’t compromise on cleanliness.

We’ve put together our pick of cleaning equipment, natural cleaners + plastic-free alternatives for a sparkling home that doesn’t cost the earth.


1. Natural bristle brushes

These last much longer than nylon brushes and are great for cleaning glass jars and bottles.

2. Recyled rags

Worn out cotton tees make a great alternative to paper towel for mopping up spillages. They are super absorbent and last for years….great for dreaded dusting too!

3. Swap your sponge

When plastic sponges start to degrade, tiny plastic particles go down the drain. Swap your plastic sponge for one made of natural fibres such as a Loofah (instructions here on growing your own!)….or you can even knit your own dish cloth.


These all natural cleaners are far less harmful than bleach and can be mixed up and then bottled in glass.

1. Home made dishwashing liquid/dishwasher detergent

DIY dishwashing liquid may not have the super suds of supermarket versions but it’s a lot kinder on the water ecosystem and involves no plastic packaging. Here are instructions on how to make…and here’s a gorgeous glass jar dispenser.

If you have a dishwasher, you can also make your own detergent using a few simple household ingredients.

2. Vinegar/vodka mix

The astringent quality of vinegar (or vodka) makes a great cleaner when mixed with equal parts water. Use for cleaning kitchen/bathroom surfaces + appliances.

3. Baking soda

An effective scouring agent that cuts straight through grease, baking soda is a must-have for your cleaning kit. Mix with vinegar to create an effective cleaning paste.

4. Clean your copper

Remove tarnishing from your copper pots or dishes by simply rubbing them with half a lemon! This easy method will leave the copper gleaming (just rinse the lemon juice off to avoid corrosion).

5. Glass cleaning

Avoid a lungful of chemicals and clean your windows and mirrors with a rag, vinegar and water and then dry with crumpled newspaper.


1.Freshen the air

If your home is feeling a little stuffy, there’s so many things you can do before resorting to chemical-laden, commercial air-fresheners….open a window, burn some incense (or essential oils), or make your own spray.

A slow cooker filled with water and a few spoonfuls of baking soda can help neutralise the air in the kitchen (after cooking pungent foods or fish)…and if you want to reduce the whiff of a bin, throw in a few lemon quarters.

2. Bin it without the plastic…


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