Cheese, milk & yoghurt | How to go plastic free

Cheese, milk and yoghurt can be absolute staples for the dairy lovers among us. So cutting these from the program simply to avoid plastic may not be an option. So how do we go about lessening the plastic associated with our much loved dairy intake?


Possibly the easiest of the three when it comes to reducing packaging. Try buying cheeses cut direct from your local deli, ask them to cut your cheese to size and take along your own container or beeswax wraps. Another great place to buy less plastic laden cheeses is direct from the cheesemaker at your local farmers market, again take your own wraps or they often offer wax paper. If these options don’t quite work for you (and we get it, they don’t always work) buy your cheese in the largest block available – this means less plastic for the amount of cheese you get. You can then portion cheese out (it freezes really well so save some for later!) and grate some into another container. Pre grated and sliced cheeses use the most packaging, so avoid these at all costs – it only take a small effort to buy in bulk and portion things up yourself!

Or even better! Invest some time into learning to make your own, some great classes are run by Milkwood and Cornersmith


Again buying direct from the farmers market is a great choice, do a little research into which brands offer glass bottles, and do any offer a refill service (if you’re lucky enough to live in the country you can often visit the farms direct to refill). Also checkout your local health food & organic stores. Often these guys stock the best of the best so you might find glass bottles here. If not, ask in store, often the store owners are in the know so can point you in the right direction.

Milk is often the trickiest as glass bottles can be scarce. Perhaps long term, giving up dairy milk may be an option for some, swapping over to home made nut milks can be great alternative for the environment (and the budget!) Buying nuts in bulk is much easier (and cheaper) than buying milk in glass! Check out our super simple nut milk recipe here.


Yoghurt also can, if you’re persistent enough, be found in glass or ceramic pots. It is tricky to find though so my recommendation is actually to make your own! Its very easy and cost effective too. Here is our simple, no fuss guide to making yoghurt at home.


Image source: news.sunday-suppers.com

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