The benefits of cleansing communally

It’s 5.45am and i’m oh so ready to hit the snooze button when I remember that I’ve arranged to meet a friend for an early morning walk or a yoga class. It’s always worth getting out of bed for some morning movement, or to see the sun rise….but being accountable to another human being also makes it a lot easier!

Why cleanse communally?

There’s plenty of evidence that supports the benefits of training in groups, whether you join in a class in a gym or go to a dance class, or simply have a training buddy. If you work out with friends, accountability is a great motivator. If you don’t show up, you’ll be letting someone else down and you’ll also be missed.

The encouragement that you get from trainers and/or fitness friends also helps keep you on track with your goals. Often others can see our progress better than you can see it for ourselves. The community that is created by turning up consistently to a group is also social and fun because you already have shared interests. This doesn’t have to be reserved for solely physical activities either…group meditation can be a great way to establish a regular practice and share in experiences.

It’s this concept of community that has inspired us to create CLEANSE COMMUNE. Cleansing doesn’t need to involve hiding from your friends or family for a week and becoming a green juice sipping hermit. There are plenty of people from different walks of life who are all feeling the need to detox…so why not do it together.

If you’ve got a friend, colleague or partner who wants to cleanse with you….that’s awesome (plus we’re offering 15% off for multiple cleanse deliveries to one address). If you don’t, then we’ve got a Facebook community dedicated to cleanse-ees where we’ll be sharing many nuggets of wellness wisdom as well as motivating each other along the cleansing journey.

So, what exactly is CLEANSE COMMUNE?

Join the commune + cleanse with us. Don’t go it alone, join a community of like minds on a path to clarity. First, select your 3 or 5 day cleanse package: choose from the Reset Program, Restore or Mini Cleanse. You’ll also get access to a dedicated Facebook community (plus daily emails) where for 7 days, we’ll share daily expert advice, videos, tricks + tips from a holistic trainer, nutritionist, meditation master + wellness expert. Share your experiences and benefit from extra support along the way.

The first commune intake will kick off on Tuesday February 20th (cleanse orders must be placed by 5pm on Sunday 18th February).

Meet our wellness mentors:

We’re thrilled to have the following wellness mentors offering their expertise as part of CLEANSE COMMUNE:

Nic Laidlaw: Holistic Exercise + Lifestyle Coach

Nic’s a holistic exercise + lifestyle coach, founder of Balanced Studio in Avalon and an all round positive soul.

Nic has been in the health industry since 2007 as a personal trainer and is a C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 2). He specialises in corrective exercise, overall wellness programs, pre and post natal training and strength for sport specific conditioning. Nic is also a published writer on the foundation principles of holistic health as well as a student and learning advocate, a meditator and a keen supporter of initiatives to keep our beaches, oceans and environment in good shape.

Nic will be sharing his wealth of knowledge around movement, strength + holistic health via daily videos to the CLEANSE COMMUNE Facebook community.


Jacqueline Alwill: Whole foods Nutritionist

Jacq is a qualified, practicing nutritionist, whole foods cook + mother to Jet. She is passionately committed to improving the health, wellbeing and happiness of all individuals.

As founder and director of The Brown Paper Bag, Jacqueline has established herself as a leading nutritionist, health writer and presenter, with an in demand nutrition practice and wholefoods catering company.

“At the heart of The Brown Paper Bag is sharing good health with those around you. Giving people an experience in food, health and wellness that makes them feel excited, empowered and happy to start and continue a journey to optimal health”.

Jacq created the healing recipes for our Reset Program eBook and will be sharing her nutrition knowledge in daily cleanse commune tips.


Laura Poole: Vedic Meditation Master

Laura is a Melbourne based meditation teacher who, for over 10 years has been practicing and studying within the Vedic wisdom tradition – a 5000 year old body of knowledge on how to live a full and expansive life. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge in a very accessible, practical and relevant way to a growing community.

“A community that is about belonging, nurturing wellbeing and living a meaningful life.”

Laura is also co-founder of 1 Giant Mind, a not-for-profit dedicated to addressing the negative impact of stress, and increasing health and wellbeing.  The ‘1 Giant Mind – Learn to Meditate’ (free) app teaches an easy entry-level meditation technique over 12 steps followed by a 30 day challenge to help make meditation a daily habit.

Laura will be offering guided downloadable meditations as part of the cleanse commune week as well as dbeign on hand for daily mindfulness advice.


Samantha Flook: Wellness Expert

Sammie’s the mindful founder of The Core Health, a business that works with individuals to address their issues around over all health, looking at nutrition, mindfulness and daily routines.

Combining health + wellness coaching credentials along with a plant-based chefs certification, she’s an intuitive and experienced mentor who helps her clients achieve their personal goals and visions, whilst utilising their strengths, personality and personal commitments.

With the belief that a quick fix doesn’t equal a long lasting transformation, Sammie’s programs and style are based on holistic strategies for optimum health.

“Empowering you with knowledge and guidance to create your ideal life, encompassing nutrition, mindset and the way you live.”

Sammie will be sharing her wise insights on wellness and mindfulness, daily as part of the Cleanse Commune.



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