A morning at Newrybar Fruit Farm

Just a minute down the road from Prodjuice founder Anne’s home, you’ll find Newrybar Fruit Farm. A green + luscious corner of the world that serves the local community (and businesses like ours) with the finest seasonal organic fruit, veggies and herbs.

Here’s  a photo journal of a recent morning there filling our baskets with fresh limes, chatting to farmer Nick Hatherly + marvelling at the beautiful local produce that’s just around the corner…

I spy the freshest limes…Anne and Edie Sunshine head for the boughs of the citrus trees to fill their baskets.

Farmer Nick has been farming since he was 15 and is passionate about growing, eating and providing the community with organic, nutritional, delicious tasting food.

Newrybar Fruit Farm grows…Citrus; Oranges (Valencia, Seville & Navel), Lemons (Meyer & Eureka) Limes (Tahitian), Mandarins (Imperial, Hickson) and in limited quantities, Lemonade Fruit, Cumquats, Blood Oranges, Ruby Grapefruit. Custard Apples, Avocados (Sharwill, Hass, Pinkerton and Furte), Kale (Cavalo Nero, Scotch , Russian Red) Lettuces (Cos, Red Oak) Herbs (Basil, Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, Coriander, Rocket), Potatoes (Desiree and Sebago) and Mangoes. We are happy to be able to use these locally grown limes, lemons + oranges for our juice.

Lots of lovely limes.

Aside from farming, Nick also collects vintage Land-Rovers…the rustier the better!

Edie’s special fruit stash.

Loading lots of lovely citrus into the Prodjuice truck for juicing.

Home time!

Anne wears overalls by The Bare Road , boots by Blundstone + hat by Akubra.

Edie wears overalls by Daughter Co + boots by Blundstone.

Baskets by Olli Ella.

Images by Samantha Mackie.

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