why cold pressed?

What’s the hype about? Let’s clarify that right here, right now.

The cold press process works using two large hydraulic plates which move together ever so slowly to gently press the juice from the fruit & vegetables. This gentle process allows the cellular structure of the fruit to remain intact. Leaving you with an extremely nutrient dense juice that is not only incredibly good for you, but tastes amazing too. You’ll never, ever go back.

what we stand for

Our ethos is simple. We believe in bringing you a high quality product, good for you & good for our earth.

Our juice is pressed in small batches, each batch tasted & checked, then bottled lovingly by hand. Every single juice is made to order, so they are always fresh and nothing is ever wasted.

We choose glass bottles as glass is an infinitely reusable material and much better for your health. We encourage you to reuse our bottles or return them to us. We’ll wash and sterilise them then pop them back into circulation. At present around 60% of our bottles are returned to us for reuse, and we’re working to make that percentage even higher!

We donate the majority of our fruit & veg pulp to community gardens & farms.  The pulp is then turned into the most incredible compost, which then supports the growth of new veggies for our community to enjoy.

You will never catch us offering you a plastic straw. We offer sustainable glass straws and might have a paper one available if you really need it. But we are strong advocates for #noplasticplease.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible nutrition, for this reason we will never heat treat, pasteurise, use HPP or add preservatives to our products. Short shelf life & fresh is always best.

We take our role as a young company very seriously. It’s up to the little one’s like us to make conscious choices so the future of our health and the health of our planet will begin to look a little brighter.

Let’s get back to our roots

who we are

We are a family fun business, with a stellar group of employees. We began in 2013 as a tiny start up in Sydney and grew from there to what has become one heck of an operation, pumping out 1000’s of litres of juice per week to some of Sydney’s largest hospitality groups, working alongside some of the world’s biggest brands & corporations and our favourite part, sending out the juice to you guys, the individuals who love what we do.

This year we launch our second production facility in Byron Bay with supply to Byron & surrounds, The Gold Coast and very soon Brisbane.

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